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Professional Premium Copper Brothers Alembic still Systems

Here at Copper Brothers Online Shop you can find Premium Copper alembic stills from 1 L to 300 L in capacity available for immediate purchase. For larger sizes just email us using our contact form and we will give you a quote for your custom made larger alembic. We can manufacture up to 1000 L capacity.


Our Copper Brothers professional distilling systems are especially made for wineries, breweries, professional distilling companies (perfume, essential oils, etc.); or for your own private use at home or on your farm, when large quantities of organic material is going to be distilled at a time.


Handcrafted by Portuguese artisans who have dedicated their lives to this art, many of whom gained their knowledge from their ancestors who were also taught this amazing craft, all our professional systems are manufactured with the best quality copper, with copper thickness that cannot be compared . We only produce alembics that are completely safe to distil and if these products are taken care of will last you a life time.


We can custom build your professional equipment , adding different accessories like a manway or tri clamp etc, to suit all your distilling needs.


Copper Brothers have supplied industrial distilling equipment to various perfume companies in France; wineries in Portugal, and distilleries in Spain, United Kingdom and the U.S.A.


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