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Professional Copper Parrot Spout


This accessory is only suitable for our larger alembic stills of 200 L capacity or more, due to their design and capacity . For stills between 10 L and 150 L capacity, please see Copper Parrot Spout.



During the distillation process it is very important to separate the distillate results in terms of the alcoholic percentage, commonly known as the separation of the Heads Hearts & Tails.


The copper parrot spout, which is attached to the outlet of the condensing recipient, can be used to hold an alcoholmeter (not included) also known as a hydrometer. This alcoholmeter provides the distiller with constant and accurate information on the alcohol level of the exiting distillate.


The distillate enters the parrot spout’s chamber where the alcoholmeter is placed floating in the liquid. Depending on the density of the distillate the alcoholmeter will rise or lower. The reading is taken at the point where the upper surface of the liquid touches the alcoholmeter, providing a reading of the alcoholic percentage of the results.



Height x Width: 38 cm x 29cm

Material: Copper

Thickness: 1.3 mm

Weight: 1.1 kgs