Essential Oil Distiller 20 L


Our essential oil distiller is made only for the purpose of distilling essential oils and hydrosols from plants, with steam distillation.

You can opt to purchase the still on its own, or add the essential oil separator which is sold separately. A thermometer can also be purchased additionally and can be installed for you.

This still comes equipped with a pot , stainless steel Tri clamp seal , the column with helmet attached,  and a side condenser with water inlet at the bottom and water outlet at the top, as well as a copper spout where the distillate will come out of.  It also comes with 2 internal sieves, one at the bottom of the column, which is removable, and a top sieve on the helmet to prevent the passage of plants into the tube and condenser. With the tri clamp seal, you will not have to use an additional sealing method. Plastic hoses / heat source not included.


  • Capacity: 20 L
  • Height x Length  (cm): 90 cm x 70 cm
  • Materials: Copper & Stainless steel with Brass fitting
  • Copper Thickness: 1.2 mm
  • Weight: 8 Kg


This product is handcrafted and as such, measurements and capacities may vary slightly from the ones listed here. The copper thickness refers to the original copper sheet used in the manufacturing of the alembic.

Care for your still:

A first cleaning distillation is recommended to clean out any impurities left over from the manufacturing process. These substances, which are inherent to copper, can also be deposited after the still has not been used for a long period of time. Recommended plastic hose diameter: 10 mm.


A detailed information leaflet will be included with your purchase that contains safety precautions as well as cleaning and maintenance instructions.


You will benefit from reduced shipping charges if accessories are ordered simultaneously for a single shipment.