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Copper Refining Lentil 80-120L


The Copper Refining lentil is only suitable for specific models and sizes. When ordering please make sure that it is suitable for the model you are looking to purchase. As brass connections are required to be soldered unto the alembic in order to attach the refining lentil, this item should always be ordered at the same time as the still.


The Copper Refining Lentil is placed between the copper swan neck lid and the lyne arm that attaches to the condensing recipient. Its main purpose is to save time, as the distiller has no need to process a second distillation in order to obtain higher levels of alcohol from their results.


The distiller should keep a slow but constant flow of cold water on the top side of its surface. The excess water should be discarded by using a plastic hose (not included) which should attach to the copper outlet tube that is soldered to the wall on the lentil.


Alcohol grade may be up to 40% purer with the use of this accessory after just one distillation process.



Height x Diameter: 46m x 36cm

Material: Copper

Thickness: 1.2 mm

Weight: 4 Kg