3 L Copper Column distilling kit


Perfect for making Gin or any other type of alcoholic beverage which you can infuse with botanicals/herbs in the column or use this column still to make your very own Hydrosols/ essential

  • Capacity: 3L + Column
  • Height x Length x Width (cm): 61cm x 48cm x 18 cm
  • Materials: Copper & Brass Handles
  • Copper Thickness: 1 mm
  • Weight: 5.5 Kg


This kit is  equipped with a 3 L capacity copper pot, soldered union construction, a swan neck lid, lyne arm with brass union, spring thermometer and a condensing recipient with serpentine coil as well as water inlet/outlet.

The complete kit includes:

– 3 L copper pot with column that has an incorporated sieve and can be applied or tipped to the side.
– copper swan neck lid.
– Brass union between lyne arm and condenser.
– Copper Condenser with serpentine coil.
– Water inlet and outlet  on condensing recipient.

-Spring Thermometer installed on the helmet– CELSIUS & FAHRENHEIT.
– 500W  electric plate that includes a voltage selection switch 115/230V and temperature regulator –  Manufactured in Germany / CE approved.

Please set the correct voltage for your country- voltage switch is found at the bottom of the hotplate. Please note the hotplates come with a European plug, US or UK plug adapter not included.

This product is handcrafted and as such, measurements and capacities may vary slightly from the ones listed here. The copper thickness refers to the original copper sheet used in the manufacturing of the alembic.


Care for your still:

A first cleaning distillation is recommended to clean out any impurities left over from the manufacturing process. These substances, which are inherent to copper, can also be deposited after the still has not been used for a long period of time. A detailed information leaflet will be included with your purchase that contains safety precautions as well as cleaning and maintenance instructions.


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