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25 L Copper Brew/stew Pot


This beautiful copper pot is machine made but hand hammered, and is are perfect for cooking anything you like, they are widely used for cooking octopus or marmalade and jam, but they can be used for many other dishes, or even for brewing beer.

They are made of 100% copper except for the brass handles.

In southern Portuguese and Spanish cuisines, these copper pots are always used to cook octopus as people swear it gives this food a characteristic taste that can’t be acquired using a normal pot.

All copper pots have a flat bottom and they can be used on ceramic, gas or wood stoves. They shouldn’t be used on induction stoves.

These copper stewpots are not tinned inside and for this reason you should remove food from them after its ready, so that the copper doesn’t oxidize  and pass on any toxins to the food after its been cooked.

  • Capacity: 25L
  • Height x Length x Width (cm):  35 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm
  • Materials: 100% Copper & Brass Handles

Cleaning and maintenance:  Before any copper kitchenware is used for the first time, you should wash the pot thoroughly and fill the pot with water and let it boil to remove any impurities that may be left from the manufacturing process.  Only use wood, nylon or non-adherent utensils on these pots to prevent scratching and always soak the pot right after use so that only a soft cloth is sufficient to clean it afterwards.