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Charentais Alembics

The Charentais Alembic still is certainly one of the most beautiful and elegant of all alembic designs. If making brandy or cognac is your passion, this is the still for you.

The Charentais still comes with a distinctive onion shaped wine pre-heater. Wine is placed in the alembic pot and also in the wine pre-heater. The wine inside the pre-heater is heated by direct fire, as the wine in the alembic pot reaches boiling point, alcohol enriched steam or vapour is formed. The vapour begins to rise up to the alembic helmet and out through the swan neck. The swan neck goes through the wine pre-heater, and the hot vapour passing through, pre-heats the wine in the pre-heater while travelling to the condenser where the resultant distillate is received. Once the distillation of the wine in the main alembic pot is complete, the liquid in the pre-heater is then transferred to the boiler via the connecting pipe, and this also is distilled in a semi-continuous process.

After both quantities have been distilled, the distillate is then returned to the boiler for a second distillation process to produce the final result – this final product is aged in oak barrels where it acquires the distinctive colour and enhanced aroma resulting in a mellow and distinguished spirit.

All of the charentais alembic still parts are welded together, as per our soldered union construction. Thicker gauge copper sheeting is used in the manufacture of these alembics. All connecting parts come equipped with brass couplings.

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Showing all 5 results