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Essential oil Distillers

Our new Essential oil distillers are made only for the purpose of distilling your own essential oils and hydrosols. These units can be made from sizes 2 L to 30 L .

It comes with a stainless steel tri clamp which removes any need for other sealing methods. Its a practical way to distil your own oils at home, and all you need to do is place water in the main pot, your preferred plants in the column, and then connecting some standard plastic hoses to the water inlet and outlet on the condenser. Water goes in at the bottom and comes out at the top.  Your hydrosols and oils will come out of the spout thats attached to the condenser, and if you choose to add a separator, this will then gather the floral waters and essential oils will float at the top, making it easy to remove with a syringe.

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Showing all 5 results