Different models  can be used for this purpose , but the one we know to work best is our flip top column alembic. This models allows for steam distillation, and a quicker process where you don’t have to keep changing the water after each distillation and the column can be emptied and re-filled simply by tipping it to the side.

With the exception of the soldered areas that can be made of copper, brass, tin or silver, and any accessories added to the models like taps, gaskets and metal supports, all our products are manufactured with 100% quality copper.
All our copper models and products come with a guarantee with the exception of accessories like rubber gaskets and thermometers which due to wear and tear, may not last as long. Generally the guarantee period is for 1 year counting from the date on your Invoice . Our guarantee does not cover improper use of the alembics or systems that have been modified. For more information please consult Terms and Conditions. For any problems with our products, please contact us and we will always be of help.
All our Premium alembics are manufactured to the highest standard and safety measures. The distillation process however may involve some risks so we ask our customers to pay careful attention to the distillation process and follow the basic distillation laws. We always send a basic leaflet with safety precautions with each alembic/order.
In some countries it is illegal so its best to check your own country laws to make sure. Our company will not be liable for the improper use of any of the products we sell.
The pot should be at about 40% – 50% of its total capacity for regular distillations. For distillation of wine, or other liquids, the pot can be filled up to about 70- 80%.

The column capacity is around  85% of the alembic pots capacity in Liters. This can vary for organic materials.

We don´t recommend the use of the same alembic for making alcohol and essential oils or hydrolats. Even if you clean the alembic out carefully, the oils tend to stick to the sides of the alembic and they can affect the distillation, and even making the results harmful. Its important to use separate alembics if you wish to distill both.
The results you achieve may be different depending on what you are distilling and how you choose to distill, but generally you will get around 10– 20 % of the alembics capacity of essential oil and around 40% of alcohol.
Please refer to the “How to order” tab on our website and please email us if you have any questions.
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To ensure the items you order are packed carefully and shipped as soon as they are ready. We provide a tracking number for you if the items are shipped via DHL or Fedex.
Our shipping calculator shows shipping costs for each product. If you are purchasing more than one product, the cost is calculated based on the total volumetric weight of your order. Our shipping costs are for Fedex Priority / or DHL International Express service. Its a little more costly but we can track the package at all times. International orders are usually shipped and delivered within 1-2 weeks of payment confirmation depending on if the item is in stock or not. We will inform you if it takes longer than this.
We want our customers to be happy with what they buy, so we allow a 7 day period after receiving your order to return the item in the same way it was shipped. You will be responsible for the return shipping costs. We do not accept returns on custom made orders.
If you alive outside the European Union you may be charged customs or import tax in your country. Please check with your local customs office to find out if will you will be charged any tax upon delivery. Customs fees or tax for non EU residents is not included in the Shipping cost. If you live in the United Kingdom, please note that since Brexit, we no longer charge you tax so you may have to pay customs or import fees for your orders coming from Portugal, this is not included in the shipping cost, and the total of tax or import fees is determined by the UK government. The shipping company will inform you via email or phone call if you are required to pay any tax, or customs and import fees.
Residents of the European Union must pay VAT. VAT will be added depending on the shipping country you select. All products delivered outside the European Union are VAT free. VAT in Portugal is 23%. Items larger than 10 L enjoy a reduced 13% VAT as they are considered agricultural machinery. Accessories are charged at the full vat rate of 23%. Please contact us if you have a registered VAT number so we can send you an invoice excluding VAT.
Please check each product for copper thickness information, this varies from size to size and model to model.
We send a basic booklet with some tips and cleaning instructions but we leave the distilling part up to you. Please email us if you have any questions.
If you have any problems with shipping or you received a product that was damaged during shipping please email us right away so we can open a claim with the shipping company. Pictures of the damaged item and the box it arrived in are necessary to open a claim. For more information please check our terms and conditions.
The paste around the rivets inside the pot, where the handles are attached is an organic sealing solution consisting of natural ingredients like rye flour and olive oil, that will prevent any leaks occuring from the rivets used to attach the handles. This paste will come off naturally ensuring a seal within the rivets and should not be removed or scraped off, and it wont affect the distilation process.