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We take pride on manufacturing and selling only the best copper products we can possibly offer.Hand made copper alembics, that are not only beautiful to display but are completely functional, allowing you to make wonderful spirits to enjoy at home with family and friends, as well as producing essential oils that can be used in so many various ways and scientifically proven fields in this day and age.


We don’t believe in saving on quality and instead we have only Premium hand made copper alembics available, that if cared for will last you a life time. Why buy cheap economy products made with thinner copper sheets that will start to leak after you use them a few times, when you can buy once and have this beautiful quality artisanal distiller that can last through generations and be passed down to your loved ones.

We believe in selling quality items at a reasonable competitive price, please contact us to learn more if you wish to distribute our products and receive our price list.

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